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Redhome Visual is a company specializing in visualization and architectural design. We receive the drawings and works of our customers, to design ideas and works from the idea to reality through the most realistic picture


Besides the implementation of the photograph. We also work many videos. And short film for buildingd of customer . The short animated clips ang film cartoon with the best quality of our


In the field of interior architecture, we are a design studio, building furniture. In the field of film, we can build characters to environments and motion animation all project


We have 3 years experience for many projects PC game and mobile game projects. We are a part of the art project of this game and work with the best quality

"A company composed of members mounted and full of enthusiasm for our work has always been a team so that. You can not find any other such one team . I belevie it "

− Redhome Studio

"Quality of work and time schedule has always been featured on top. You can find all of that in my team"

− Redhome Studio

"Always innovating and improving work skills to keep up with world trends. Satisfying all the request and desires of our customers "

− Redhome Studio